The Alay Pavilion at Topkapi Palace

Alemdar Street, Istanbul

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Topkapi Palace
Topkapı Sarayı


Alemdar Street, Istanbul, Turkey
Alemdar Caddesi, İstanbul, Istanbul, Türkiye

Bordering Streets

Alemdar Caddesi
Soğuk Çeşme Sokak



Fast Facts

Also Known As

The Ceremominial Pavilion




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By Wayne Lorentz

Commissioned by Sultan Mahmud II, this small outpost along the wall of Topkapi Palace allowed dignitaries to view military parades coming up Alemdar Caddesi and into Sultanahmet. The building is essentially a turret in a strategic corner of the wall -- ten sides topped by a Ottoman dome and flanked on two sides by viewing galleries. The windows are covered with brightly-painted wooden grills to offer a measure of privacy to the viewers and keep them safe from adversaries.

Raw Data

Construction End


Floors[Explanation ♐]

2 stories above grade

Noteworthy Facts

• There is an inscription by famous calligrapher Hattat Mustafa İzzet Efendi on a black stone with gold-colored letters.

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