88 Hing Fat Street

88 Hing Fat Street, Hong Kong

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88 Hing Fat Street, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Bordering Streets

Hing Fat Street
Gordon Road
Whitfield Road


Causeway Bay

Fast Facts



Maximum Height

437 feet / 133 meters



By Wayne Lorentz

It's all about the eyebrows with this one. Though with its blue and white striped facade the building would still be striking without them, with the curious curves adorning the front, it has a very unique look -- somewhere between intrigue and optimism. Of course, the building doesn't have actual "eyebrows" -- just a pair of decorative architectural details which curve across the face of the building like giant parenthesese. In between the curves, the white spandrels give way to all-glass, making it seem like the building's facade is being peeled back at this point and we're getting to look in on some deep secret. On the surface of the building they're made of aluminum. As they extend past the roofline, they are made of concrete. The blue and white colors, combined with the curving masts give the building a nautical flavor, a possible homage to the nearby Royal Hong Kong Yach Club and Victoria Harbour beyond, both of which this building overlooks.

Raw Data

Construction Start


Construction End


Size[Explanation ♐]

Maximum Height: 437 feet / 133 meters

Floors[Explanation ♐]

37 stories above grade

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People and Companies


Chung Shun Land Investment Company

Architecture Firm

Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates Architects

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