The Binz Building

1001 Texas Avenue, Houston

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1001 Texas Avenue, Houston, Texas, United States 77002

Bordering Streets

Texas Avenue
Main Street
Prairie Street
Fannin Street


Downtown Houston

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Much has been written about the historic Binz Building that went up on the corner of Texas and Main in 1898. It was a sensation at the time -- Houston's first skyscraper. A monumental structure that helped usher Houston into the modern age and show the country that the Bayou City wasn't another backwater.

This is not that building.

Though located on the same chunk of land, today's Binz Building bears virtually no resemblance to the six-story red brick structure from which it takes its name.

The current Binz Building is sleek, encircled in stripes of white panels and dark glass. A thoroughly modern skyscraper in every sense, but seemingly out of touch with the Rice Lofts across the street, its neighboring storefronts on Main and the other historic buildings within arm's reach.

Raw Data

Construction End


By The Numbers

• Floor space: 119,436 square feet

Floors[Explanation ♐]

12 stories above grade

Noteworthy Facts

• June 19, 2007: A fire broke out in this building. The people were evacuated, and Red Line service was temporarily suspended, but no one was hurt.

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