Forum of Augustus

Via Alessandrina, Rome

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Via Alessandrina, Rome, Lazio, Italy 00184

Bordering Streets

Via Alessandrina
Via di Tor de Conti



Fast Facts


Built between 20 BC and 2.
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Noteworthy Facts

• When ancient Roman generals would go to war, a ceremony would be held in the temple of Mars before they headed to the battlefield.
• The right side of the forum was lined with statues of Cesar Augustus' ancestors, tracing his lineage back to the original founders of Rome.

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People and Companies


Caesar Augustus


• c500: Work began to dismantle the forum. It is believed that much of it was no longer needed after the opening of Trajan's Forum nearby, and that the buildings had been damaged by earthquake or strife.
• c800: A monastery was built on the site of the forum's temple of Mars.

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