Al Hilal Bank Tower

Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi

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Image courtesy of Goettsch Partners

Image courtesy of Goettsch Partners

Image courtesy of Goettsch Partners

Image courtesy of Goettsch Partners



Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Bordering Streets

10th Street


Al Maryah Island

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By Goettsch Partners

Architect's description:

Challenged to define a distinctive image that would reflect the bank's unique brand while also setting an international aesthetic, GP designed a bold, contemporary tower that shifts in massing as it rises. The podium contains a retail banking facility as well as a dramatic three-story transparent lobby to the north, with pedestrian arcades on the east and west. Three cubical masses sit atop the podium, stacked like shifted blocks. Designed to set the building apart from other towers on Al Maryah Island while also providing optimally efficient, column-free spaces within, these forms derive their interest from a "push-and-pull" effect at the corners. In addition, the building's facade changes at the created voids to accentuate the shifted aesthetic.

Conveying a timeless image, the elegantly designed facade consists of an aluminum-and-glass curtain wall system with glass and notched metal-spandrel elements and vertical glass fins that enhance the building's verticality while also providing shading. The building's profile is a direct result of the desire to create a structure that would achieve high energy performance and synchrony with its surroundings through sustainable applications. The new tower offers maximum transparency, with floor-to-ceiling glass providing spectacular views for occupants while significantly increasing the amount of natural daylight inside. The project is designed and scheduled to receive an Estidama 1 Pearl rating.

A landscaped park and reflecting pool along the building's western facade will draw traffic to the retail and main building entry by creating an inviting, shaded urban space. Cafe seating for tenants and visitors will further help activate the setting.

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By The Numbers

• Floor space: 942,596 square feet
• Parking spaces: 1,000

Floors[Explanation ♐]

24 stories above grade

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Al Hilal Bank

Architecture Firm

Goettsch Partners

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