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Virtual GPS

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Emerging browser technology allows us, with your permission, to pinpoint your location and show you the important buildings in our database that are near you.

At this time, only a few web browsers support this feature. Most notably, the latest versions of Firefox, and Safari on iPhones or some models of the iPad.

If you have a supported browser, the spaces below may be filled in with your approximate latitude and longitude. Just press the "Search" button to begin a search. If the latitude and longitude boxes are empty, chances are your browser does not support geolocation technology yet. If you know your coordinates, you may fill them in to get the same results. Or you can select a city from the drop-down menu then press "Go" to display a map and buildings for that area.

Again, this is emerging technology, so it's a little flaky. If you have problems with it using Firefox, try emptying your browser cache. That often helps. We don't know why.